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Home of the Handmade Breakfast Rolls

What’s nicer than staying in your pajamas on a Saturday or Sunday morning and having breakfast delivered right to your door. That’s exactly what you’ll get if you PRE ORDER your breakfast rolls today. Order online and have your delivery scheduled early for this weekend. These breakfast rolls can be microwaved or placed in a conventional oven. It’s a time-saving, NO HASSLE family breakfast meal.

Stuffed with various meats, including bacon and Italian sausage, these handmade rolls have all the protein you need to start your day. Need a fruit fix? No problem. Try ones filled with cream cheese and cherries or blueberries. If you really love cheese, give Havarti or Gouda a try.

Here at the Breakfast Rolls, we want to make your breakfast simple. Simply put, we want you to enjoy an old fashioned breakfast without the hassle.

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