Our Mission

Our handmade rolls are here to REVOLUTIONIZE Fast Food

At The Breakfast Rolls Company, our mission is to REVOLUTIONIZE fast food. Our belief is that you don’t have to go to a drive-thru window in order to have delicious food, made fast and convenient. Our rolls can be found right in your own home. All you have to do is take the rolls out of the freezer and microwave them. Within one minute, you’ll have an instant meal or snack. The BREAKFAST ROLL is a FULL meal you can enjoy anytime. Take a roll on the run. It’s that CONVENIENT!

Our product is slowly changing the way America eats FAST FOOD! We are dedicated to providing tasty rolls filled with healthy ingredients that people love. We say it’s ALL ABOUT THE DOUGH! That is why our dough is unique, resulting in a lighter and sweeter taste. We fill the rolls with a variety of cheeses, meats and fruits to create the PERFECT combination. Unlike other companies, we make each roll by hand using the freshest ingredients for your pleasure. Order today, and give us a try!

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